Washroom Hygiene

In this module you will learn to:

  • Explain the importance of washroom hygiene
  • Name the type of disinfectants
  • Identify health and safety issues before cleaning a washroom
  • Understand how to clean an area that contains biologically hazardous material

About the Washroom Hygiene Module

Washrooms require special cleaning regimes to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in order to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Washrooms can become a hotspot for germs if effective cleaning practices aren’t implemented. In this course we will highlight the importance of effective washroom cleaning products, identify key features of each type of disinfectant and help you understand our detailed washroom cleaning procedure.

If that isn’t enough, we will even guide you through a recommended washroom cleaning regime by listing cleaning tasks, describing how to gather the equipment and prepare the area. Our step by step tutorial on toilet cleaning will give you and your team some top tips on how to get the job done quickly and most importantly effectively.

By the end of this course you will be able to take the required precautions when cleaning an area that contains biologically hazardous material. You will also know what to look out for when inspecting toilets that have been cleaned by your team.

Wash Time

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