In this module you will learn to:

  • Define housekeeping
  • Describe good hotel housekeeping
  • List the types of housekeepers
  • Explain the importance of planning
  • Name typical duties of housekeepers
  • List the risks of housekeeping

About the Housekeeping Module

There are two different types of housekeepers, office and hotel, and this course will explain the difference between the two as well as share their roles that play a huge part in creating the right first impression of your workplace.

Office housekeepers have a lot more to do than simply cleaning. They are tasked with reducing the risk of workplace injuries by eliminating potential hazards. While hotel housekeepers’ roles vary depending on the size of the hotel. We will explain the qualities of what it takes to make a good hotel housekeeper.

Following this course, you will feel confident in developing daily tasks for your housekeeping team members and organise and implement cleaning procedures for the workplace.

House Time

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